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  1. Fiverr does not allow changing usernames
  2. be patient ,,, keep sending buyer request daily, stay active , share your gig on social media
  3. be patient keep sending buyer requests and share your gig on social media
  4. When Fiverr asks you to verify your nid, they will give you detailed instructions on how to do this, so there is no need to worry Thanks and best wishes to you
  5. The following method can be used to edit your gigs: Edit your gig title on the first day, your gig description on the second day, and your gig image on the third day. When you edit one thing in a day, your gig will not drop in search, it's called minor editing . Thank you and best wishes
  6. How can I send an attractive buyer request? Get the buyer's response
  7. You wrote a very informative post, thank you
  8. Stay active and keep sharing your gigs on social media, and keep sending buyer requests
  9. You can reduce the price of your gig and change the description
  10. could you tell me? What are the steps to doing email marketing? I have lots of USA emails, leads
  11. you need to stay active 24 hours and keep sharing your gig on social media and keep sending buyer request
  12. I'm very unhappy with my freelance career because I'm not getting any orders
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