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  1. Gig gave 1.5 months. No orders recieved yet 😥. Gig is basically a SQUEEZE PAGE related. If you search by typing squeeze page, gig shows on the 1st page. click/imp 50/3.5K
  2. When the buyer works with you, He gets a notification 2/1 days later. The notificaton is like the tick below. This will make the fiverr appear as an option based on your given skills/buyer's satisfaction. I think this review is more important than the public buyers review, because it is through this review that fiverr judges the quality of your gig. You can't take this review from the buyer by force, just as you can take public reviews by mistake. whether or not your buyer will give you a hidden review depends solely on your quality communication. So you will try to give the highest priority to the buyer plus always try to keep him happy so that the buyer has the possibility to give you hidden reviews. You can get this through quality work + quality communication. Which is very helpful to boost your gig ranking. 🙂
  3. I have noticed that some days i can not see the buyer reques
  4. Can't get the order. That's why it's okay to post like buyers, I need job.

  5. congratulations man❣️ happy freelancing
  6. congratulations 🎉 best wishes for you. NEVER LOOSE HOPE.
  7. Congratulations🎉 Happy Freelancing ❣️ Best wishes for you.
  8. congratulations🎉 Happy freelancing man❣️ never loose hope, moves on. success will come. 😀
  9. Best of luck. Happy freelancing. For the comment you will see, Be patience. Success will come. STICK-UP . NEVER LOOSE HOPE. WORK HARD, HARD WORK NEVER CHEATED ANYONE. MOVES ON, SUCCESS WILL COME. ❣️
  10. Buyer request sending regularly but the knock is not coming from the buyer request.
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