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  1. You are right, self motivation is the best but it's not easy.
  2. Select proper keyword, title, thumnail, seo friendly description. Send buyer request and gig marketing.
  3. You can hire different countries' seller. Fiverr won't leak it.
  4. Send 10 buyer request regularly and stay active.
  5. It can make more impressions and fiverr get a backlink. Many seller do not do it and get level.
  6. I think, Gig marketing proper SEO, title, thumbnail & clear description.
  7. I have also finished my 1st order only. Now waiting for next orders. I am doing gig marketing, sending buyer request, staying active.
  8. You are a great father and friend. You are making your son skillful. Your son is also very smart.
  9. I hope, your patience will make you success.
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