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  1. Gig promotion in social media is a important step to increase impression and click. although its not assure to get order but why not to take a step forward to active in fiverr.
  2. It is must. atleast one can bid to get knock.
  3. You have to have patience in the first phase of your fiverr opening time. spend quality time in fiverr. try to be online 24 hrs for at least first 60 days. hope it works.
  4. create 4 to 5 social media and share all the gigs to your social media platforms regularly until your gigs impression doesn't increased.
  5. Don't edit all the things at a time. edit one by one and in between at least pass 24 hrs. May be it will help you.
  6. Try to be active more in fiverr and send all the 10 buyer request as possible as you can.
  7. Hard works never come in a single day. You describe it very beautifully. Congratulations.
  8. There are lots of people getting their order in WIX but maybe it is very difficult to get a single order as a new seller in WIX. Felling low.
  9. yes I have it in mind to learn shopify. Maximum buyer requests are based on that.
  10. As I am new I know less about the categories. Thank you for the info.
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