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  1. One of the best posts on Fiverr. Thankyou so much for your information. 👍
  2. Jonbass you reminded me of my English Teacher, I get your point but no intention of selling anything through the Forum....Since I'm new I don't even know we can do that. But yes i can give some basic advice and guidance for sure.
  3. After reading Fiverr experience stories of sellers in the Forum I found most of them got their 1st Order around 2 to 3 months, but if your Gig is proper SEO everything is up to date you might get lucky to get it in the 1st month itself.
  4. Hello guys I wanted to know How many Gigs can be created by a New Seller. Total number of Gigs allowed for a New Seller, are there any limits?
  5. Actually my name is too long, I just wanted to use my initials instead. To make it look easy for the buyer to communicate. Thank You so much for this input you are awesome. 👍
  6. Hi guy's, being a new seller just wanted to know if there's a way to change or edit your Seller name? Or Make it short and simple like just only initials, as Fiverr initially picks the name from your email address by default and I didn't see any options.
  7. Hi Sarah, Warm Greetings and Thank You so much for this post its really helpful. Keep Posting more Gems like this.👍
  8. Contact him and ask for reason for cancellation as he wasted your precious Productive Time.🥶 Then contact Customer Support.
  9. Hi guys just wanted to know Can we Communicate directly with other Members regarding Advices for anything on Fiverr? Especially for new Sellers.
  10. You should respect and obey Fiverr Terms & Conditions as they have given you this opportunity. Also you are already experienced so should know better.
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