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  1. Why isn't the buyer request coming? What is the news of fever now.
  2. I am very happy. Because I was able to place my first order
  3. The forum helps you to top the gig on your profile. You must have community forums. Here are very benefits.
  4. When and how can I rankings gig. I can do it in front of everyone.🤔
  5. When a new order starts near you. Then he needs your will to be confident enough to handle any situation. He needs to trust you. Thanks
  6. This is a perfect starting message because it doesn’t require the customer to give up plenty of personal data, which reduces overall friction and leads to more online reviews. His interest in your every idea and work is very important. Which will help you move forward.👍
  7. Introduce yourself Resolve the buyer's needs (keep the proposal appropriately descriptive and relevant) You have to write in writing for the interest of the buyer. Try to persuade your idea as much as possible. Talk to them with interest, Give them a purpose to get the right rent so you can showcase your skills with portfolio links
  8. Hello, there I am new to the forum. Attracting see the update. I'm in love with this one. I would be more interested if someone gave me some advice
  9. Hello, Why my attachment file is not being uploaded. What can I do in that case?
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