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  1. Sorry if I did something wrong, I’m just giving my opinion.
  2. Fact: Most of them are not even diligent in worship 🙄
  3. Never. Bad advice. If you think you are right why you don't get any orders till today?
  4. I think you follow those bad advices to stay online as long as possible, again, that's bad advice, do not listen! From my experience, I got most of my orders while I was sleeping, so please stop staying online, you just need to check your phone or email daily.
  5. You shouln't keep active to get orders.
  6. That's wrong advice, please do not listen.
  7. Update: Good news! The Inbox Response rate finally increasing! Because I got a message, even thought if it's just a useless message, spam. But I also have bad news, my Order Completion rate is still decreasing 😞
  8. Yes you can if you can see the button, and only V.I.D's have that.
  9. What is the buyer's rank like? if you see nothing at all or "Top Buyer" then you shouldn't do it because it violates fiverr's TOS, but if you see "V.I.D" in the name, you can do it and ONLY use zoom, even fiverr advises you to use zoom for discuss with V.I.D buyers for convenience. If you ask what V.I.D stands for, it's "Very Important Doers".
  10. Now you don't have any more answers do you? One more thing, I checked your account and found one of your accounts that you mentioned, you use your account to add rating to the account you are currently using for this forum, again, it's violating Fiverr's TOS.
  11. If you are using another pc, ip address, vpns etc. Do you think you are not violating the TOS? it's like trying to break the rules for profit.
  12. Wow? Double accounts? You'r violating fiverr's TOS, having 2 accounts is bannable. And I have told you, I'm not the perfect one, just have more experience.
  13. Because that one is disputed by the official sources, and no one is stopping giving that one bad advice like you. You have done something wrong, why not admit it and apologize? 🙂 Maybe it's because only you are stupid, you don't even understand this, I have joined fiverr 1 year earlier than you, I'm not the best and perfect but I know better what the seller is supposed to do, and what you said is not true.
  14. Just a short story from myself as a freelancer on fiverr, so yeah, this happened to me about nearly one year ago, and today I decided to tell the forum what I experienced because I feel like I have to tell anyone about this and I will let you guys what do you think. There are no tips here because this is really just my experience, and I don't know what to say for a tip, and without further ado, I'll start the story. This happened to me at September 18 2020, I just came home from worship, and when I opened my phone I saw an email from fiverr that contained something like the first picture I attached, I was completely shocked by what happened, I thought "Hey? I'm done this order was one month ago, in fact I completed it 2 days ahead of the deadline, I have received the money and it is ready to be withdrawn." This buyer has already purchased 2 times, and both have been cancelled. Then somehow I immediately thought of negative things. "Did this one buyer work with fiverr to scam me?" I was so angry, instead of opening fiverr to see what was really going on, I immediately turned on my PC and immediately created an email for CS. but I haven't had time to send it, suddenly a new email appears from fiverr, which contains as in the second picture I attached, after I read it, I feel relieved, it turns out that what I imagined didn't really happen, I really feel guilty, it turns out that only the buyer has problem with the payment, even fiverr gave their money to compensate me, thank you so much to fiverr for appreciating my hard work. And, the only problem I got from here, indeed none of my rates were damaged, but it turned out that the number of orders I had completed was reduced by two! I've been dreaming that next month I can qualify for seller level 1, but the target from completing 10 orders is reduced, for this I actually feel a little frustrated, I almost went up to level 1, but didn't because a buyer had problems with the payment :(( Maybe that's all the story from me, I'll let you know what you think, thanks! -Aeron
  15. Oh, so you did this? Pity, what I do is just go sleep when I feel tired, and I got a message from prospective buyers when I wake up. Remember, stay online as long as you can it won't make you sure to get an order
  16. Are you sure 100% you will get an order/messages by doing that? Or it's just wasting your time? I have more experience than you, and I got most of my orders when I was sleeping! How can you be sure you get the order by staying online as long as possible?
  17. I get most of my orders when I was inactive, doing mostly active didn't guarantee that you will get order and get any messages.
  18. More active? my PC is turned on 16 hours per day and I keep refreshing my fiverr page every hour. Could it be considered less active? or would you suggest me to be active 24/7?
  19. I know right, I always responded to any of that messages before blocking them, but my response rate still decreases.
  20. Thanks for the answer. How about my Order Completion rate? 🤔
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