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  1. Good advice for New Cellular One and a half Make your gig completely perfect and unique Stay active all the time with mobile or PC The buyer requests and waits for the buyer's SMS If you send an SMS to your wife, you will try to reply immediately Thank you
  2. Best tips for new sellers and a half Gig Description and Package Also Important. Stay active on all time fiverr. Stay active at All Time Forum. Must work according to fiverr rules. thank you
  3. You will be better off if you follow my tips 1. Create an interesting gig and unique photo. 2. Try to stay active in all time fiverr. 3. Send customer's request every day. Impress your wife by saying something accurate and unique. 4. Share your gig on social media. 5. Stay active in Forum. (this my secret idea) 6. Obey the rules of fever properly. 6. Profession Like profession, take it and stick to fiverr with mind. Thank you
  4. Photos for Gig 1. Must be unique and colorful 2. To design such a logo, however, so that the wife is impressed by seeing your logo in the middle of the page. 3. Photo cannot be copied 4. No photo can be copied from any gig or any place 5. The photo should be brightened by good color grading 6. Three photos have to be designed in three ways Thank you
  5. Good advice for new sellers 1. Perfect gig photo 2. Perfect gig description 3. Buyer request should be given in good writing 4. Must be active in all time fever 5. The rules of fiverr must be followed
  6. Here are a few tips. 1. You will always be active in the forum 2. Give the buyer request by typing exactly 3. Buyer request will highlight the right aspects 4. Stay active all the time in Fever 5. Do not copy any image and give it to Gig & Buyer 6. You have to wait a few days for fast order Thank you
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