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  1. Mine was temporarily disabled because someone took money out of my Paypal account from Fiverr and Paypal couldn't verify if it was me or someone else and Fiverr still won't respond back from removing it. They think it still was me.
  2. Something similar happened to me. I keep getting requests from same group of people. And they never take the offer that I agree with them on. I got over 2 hundred.
  3. irshan_cool and mariashetelle1 I was referring to the content of what the buyer request was requesting. All I have to do now is take a screenshot and they'll look into it some more. I send the actual price they want but they never return with buying anything either. And since being a victim it's hard really to be sent stuff that reminds you of trauma. But I wanted to be sure they know it's out in public and I'm not afraid.
  4. I had some requests for write about raping women, one order for a counselor, and no feedback yet from Fiverr. And tons of other requests of other things that were books. But nobody bought anything yet even after I gave them a price. I realized that I'm not going to be afraid of some pranks. But still reported these incidents earlier today and they still keep on. Maybe same person?
  5. That is wonderful! Congrats!
  6. I can see the nick names on the screen but it won't let me click into their profiles or chat with them except just to offer them an offer.
  7. I had some sent requests for some short stories or movie scripts from 4 different people. I accepted the offer of the package and said it can be adjusted if your story is a page long. $66 dollars for a real long story for a movie is a lot of expense. But when I sent the proposals it said error. Where do I report this?
  8. Best advice on here! Learn from experience also.
  9. Omigod this happened to me! I just going to assume that they bailed out!
  10. I'm having trouble too. I'm selling ghost writer poetry and or lyric or apology letters.
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