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  1. I was reading the fiverr subreddit a few minutes ago, and I saw this idea. Being able to decline (or accept) orders. And I have to agree. Normally what I do is: I ask my clients to message me prior to placing an order. That way they can send me their initial brief, we can chat about the order, budget, etc. I can let them know wether or not I'm able to take the order, and if I am, I can send a custom request. And so I'm able to price the order correctly and set an appropiate delivery time myself. Otherwise there are two possible issues: - Not being able to take the order due to being too busy for it, and having to cancel it or ask for time extensions. - The client not picking the right package or extras for the work they want done, getting the price or delivery time wrong. Is the solution for this to simply remove the 3-package system? Fiverr itself says including it boosts sales, so would I be shooting myself in the foot? What do you folk think?
  2. This has happened to me multiple times. I've asked Fiverr Support to help me out with it a couple of times and it's worked for that instance. Still keeps popping up though.
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