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  1. Well said! I do still tinker with graphic design occasionally but its in the area of photo/image manipulation and purely for my own fun. I'll never move in a commercial direction with it and that decision makes it even more fun to tinker with it.
  2. Oh, it was entirely my fault. I have zero formal training in graphic or digital design but I enjoy creating art. Being an educated individual, I had the "how hard can it be? It might even be fun!" moment. Not the best decision of my life but it was fun. Sort of....in a waste of 8 hours sort of way. On the bright side, it helped me realize my true artistic skill was in the written word and helped me respect the hard work a good cover artist does while appreciating their artistic vision.
  3. As someone who once designed a digital cover for one of my own stories (to say it was horrible is an understatement!), I can fully appreciate your skills. You delivered what was asked and managed to draw the eye without a chaotic visual look, which is huge for authors since people often pick books based on their covers.
  4. Hi folks, I've been on Fiverr for a week so I'm not worried about lack of orders, etc. Just curious what folks thought of my initial gig and if you had any immediate thoughts for improvement.
  5. Interesting. Learn something new every day! Thank you. Any idea what the maximum number is?
  6. Thank you. I appreciate the reply. I've noticed some disappear from my buyer request box quickly so I assume they cancel them or accept an offer.
  7. Hi, I'm new to Fiverr and in the last two days I've received two types of buyer messages. One type is one that is sent to multiple sellers at the same time and the other is one where the Buyer profile can't be viewed. Are these normal buyer requests? Thanks!
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