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  1. The point is not to have a negative feedback. No feedback is better than a negative feedback. You may think you have done a 5-star worthy job, but for buyer it can still be done better. You can never be 100% accurate every time. So what I do is, be polite but try to avoid sound needy. I don't compromise with the quality of my work. & I always maintain good communication with buyers. Also, I try to deliver ahead of schedule & hope for the best.
  2. Thank you for your suggestions. I'm planning on redesigning my gig. Keep me in your prayers & good luck to you all.
  3. I was diagnosed with covid-19 & had to take a break from Fiverr for a month. Although I've set myself available, I've not received any order or even conversation from buyers. I guess my absence had pushed me down the rank. So how can I revamp my sells? Any suggestion will be appreciated.
  4. Did he/she registered a new buyer account in fiverr after your referral? Than you won't be banned as you are bringing in new clients to the site. What Fiverr forbids is to contact existing buyers outside. Because it won't ensure your payment & you may end up working for free for them.
  5. Hello, I've been in Fiverr for 4 yrs. During my first 2 winters, after Halloween, the orders comes less. But last year, due to pandemic Covid-19, orders actually increased in winter. Can anyone predict what the scenario we will be facing/enjoying this year? Regards, Mahi.
  6. Hello, I just finished 42k words translation from Hindi to English. Buyer agreed to do milestones of 2 orders 100$ each. But when I delivered around 22k words of first milestone, he asked me to finish the rest, & then he will order the second milestone. Now I've delivered the full work. He is refusing second milestone & initiated first order cancel request claiming I've not done a good job. So I asked him to show me where I'm lacking, he sent me a few pages with elaborated sentences using some info & words which are not even present in the Hindi document. So I've decided to reject his cancellation request. I worked on the full book for 7 days, & now he doesn't want to pay me at all. If I initiate a cs request to interfere in case the buyer insist on cancelling, even though Im right here, can fiverr penalize me for being adamant not to accept cancellation? I cant find any specific guideline on this.
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