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  1. @motivationtshir I can feel your pain because when they scam and the CS restrict your account for no reason that is clearly a mess hole where you will be ended up and they wont even listen after that which is what I am suffering from. Please be aware of scam buyers. Report to the CS if you encounter one (they wont help at all but still might worth it). Best Wishes
  2. @theratypist after trying several times I logged in but after posting and signing out it become same and today after several attempts I eventually login. The scammer cancelled an order after receiving a delivery but he report also with false accusation that I contact him outside the fiverr which I didnt and it clearly shows that I didnt even share my contact info while he did which was like a bait later to cancel the order upon deliveries and get a refund. I even reported that message in which he provided his number but the fiverr only make my account restricted rather than that scammer because thats his trick and he have done that same to other sellers too and they suffer. I talked to CS and gave them enough proofs but their so called relevant team never made a decision or even made my account unrestricted...
  3. Hi, The fiverr is unbelievable really. The account was restricted before because of the scam buyer now the forum wont even login after several days attempt it just login somehow today and I believe after loging out this will be again the same. I can't believe fiverr is not even letting me login to my own account even after contacting the CS now the tickets kept closing πŸ˜‚ like I am the one who is on fault instead of getting that scammer they will just do that to us we pay a fee to them from our projects and all yet the review of so called "relevant team" never came. With all that the forum wont let me sign in. If you encounter please share your thoughts. Thanks
  4. πŸŒšπŸ‘‰πŸ›οΈ Is it possible to provide a hint as well regarding a puzzle or just like people have to guess without that? Puzzle is mentioned above.. 😁 Simple and easy 😊
  5. @alinsfirschi I am an immigration lawyer but I don't agree with some of the ToS provided by fiverr too but I am not sure why they are still here even they are not legal in Europe and other countries. I hope you can do something about that as soon as possible so than I can get back to my work and started working on important projects again. Will be looking forward to hear some good news soon from you soon. Best Regards 😊
  6. Absolutely a scammer! You need to contact the CS as soon as possible before he will report you with bunch of nonsense reasons and you will receive a warning from fiverr. He wanted to get his work done for free which he already received. Be careful next time.😊
  7. One week or several days are enough to deal with that but in my opinion the relevant team and CS is the same they just only made up a name ''Relevant team'' but that doesn't exist. I have earned above 150 usd and after deduction 74.40 can be only withdrawn from my account fiverr deduct the fee from even a tips and yet here we are. This is totally shame for them because as a seller we bring a business and we give an amount from our hard work in form of fee and we have done a mistake which we are accepting already so than why we have to deal with this over again? I hope that video will be watched by our beloved sellers so than they can take some action too so as a fiverr support team will bother take this matter seriously. 😊
  8. Same as me reported and accepted that warning as well. I guess it is punishable only on our side not the scammer side because of some logics of fiverr. Wow no words that they even limited your account and cancelled the pending orders too. Absolutely! this doesn't make a sense but the fiverr strategy is some how weird which we can't figure out that easily even we lose our account because of these kind of scammers yet we face these sufferings just like you and me. I have told them with proof that I haven't done anything wrong yet they close a ticket and just same reply as always ' Relevant team will reach on their decision and we will get back to you' I was pissed and it has been more than 2 weeks my account is also restricted and my previous buyer have something very important which I have to deal with which was mentioned in her last order and I hope that one was not suffering because of these restrictions too. Well so called checking everything in account takes more than a years as I asked some people their account is restricted too because these kinda people and unfortunately they never got their account back to normal.
  9. My teacher always told me : ''Those people are very lucky if their passion is the way of their earning or a source of income'' So here I am and I always wanted to be a creative writer of legal documents including dealing with legal (Immigration cases). It is because my hobby is to travel and experience different countries and would like the others to travel and enjoy their time of life in some amazing moments which will be an amazing memories for them later on. If they are dealing with difficult situations in legal matters I am always willing to help with even a smaller amount because the sufferings in life are really bad in everyone part and I can feel the pain they go through in their asylum process and their paralegal matters and family separation because of visas issues and I am here to help and to do my best not because of my skills and degrees and income from those projects but to help them reunite once again and help them get out of these worst situations so one day they will remember someone had helped us and bring a change in their life. I hope the fiverr won't mind anymore about the people dreams come true one day and lift up the restrictions from my account so I can proceed helping them and they will deal with these scam buyers out of our way. 😊
  10. @alinsfirschi Your account is restricted now after the incident or is it still unrestricted? Or is it suspended after the first warning and TOS violation ? I have encountered a buyer who want his work done for free and he placed an order and he is scammer upon a delivery he cancelled his order with nonsense reasons and reported me with a false accusations due to that my account is restricted but the orders in queue is still on going and I can finish that. Fiverr support buyers more than the sellers and the customer support isn't going to help you because even I have told them everything with a proof they said we will get back to you after the relevant team will reach on their decision. The scammer who cancelled an order in my case provided his number there and I haven't contacted him either outside the fiverr which was reported and also on the mean time I was in touch with the CS about what's going on but yet my account is restricted till now. You should have 2 warnings before they can do that, In my case it was one warning that was my mistake same like you I have asked someone to contact me because zoom meeting icon wasn't showing any where and the person doesn't know what visa subclass he/she want to apply and I wanted to provide a consultancy and guidance before we proceed to next step and also would like to mention the details of subclass. If you want you can report that scammer but they will keep your account restricted until the so called relevant team decision which no one knows how long it will take or either we can have our account back or not. Best Wishes
  11. I am fine but the fiverr experience isn't that well because of scam buyer and account restrictions rest overall before it was pretty well now it is started to become down. Thanks for asking. 😊 Best of luck
  12. @vickiespencer You can't find any of the Irish panda only there is genuine panda which is Chinese panda. If you will type raccoon than absolutely you will find Irish pandas in different versions and sizes πŸ˜‚ most of them are drunk I will try to see if there is some drunken master pandas outside than I will show you a picture of them or possibly will send you a video. 😊
  13. @vickiespencer I guess the first picture is from some kinda forest and second one is panama jungle. I planned to bring a national geographic and bear grylls there so he can give some tips to survive there and to make these wild animal friendly. Well I live in 2 different countries one is my hometown which is Pakistan and than Ireland. In pakistan wild boar exist in a group and they are very dangerous if you do a fireworks or either they heard a gun shot they will get alert and than attack. Porcupines exist in Pakistan too and they throw that needles thingy if they feel danger and once when I was passing by in the middle of night near the area they live they were wandering on road and have blocked the road and I was about to be attacked by them but in the mean time a Police patrol appear and they left a lil bit of way or else I can imagine what could have happened to me. The black polar kinda bear is common in Pakistan also some people charm them like (teach them how to dance and stuff like a monkey charmer) πŸ˜‚ so yeah I saw that there. In ireland a fox in early morning and trash pandas are the one live nearby my house which I have seen the trash panda is not that dangerous because they are either drunk because when the people throw a bear bottle with some beer left in that than they drink that and dance which I have seen many times and the fox is just only wandering around early morning nearby my house in park so that if someone will throw a food or he/she can find a cat or dog for their breakfast. 😊
  14. @lijo_johnson Contact CS and let them know about what he says and if they recommend to cancel the order than you can tell the CS agent to cancel the order from his side and they will cancel the order it won't effect anything now but if he give negative reviews and also report you with some false accusations that will get you a warning or either your account will be restricted which happened in my case and till now I am dealing with that. Thanks
  15. If your account is restricted they would have send you an email about that if you haven't received that than you can contact the CS about that and they will let you know. If you also have received a multiple warnings by violating the TOS of fiverr that lead your account to be restricted. Upon the relevant team decision they will tell you if your account will be unrestricted or you will have to face some more difficulties. Anyways you can contact them and they will tell you only the reason of restriction but they can't do much about enabling your account.
  16. It is not very difficult to learn that, I know bengali but not too much that is west of our country and we have native bengali here who can teach their language if you stay with them for almost 2 to 3 months and they are kind and if you want to learn that more quickly than you can go to bangladesh and learn that easily but the writing part is much difficult which you can't be able to do that in few years or either a month. 😊 Best of luck
  17. In here we have wild boar and porcupine these are kind sometimes dangerous if you are riding on bike in middle of night they appear in group and attack with the spikes and wild boar can also attack rest we have a trash panda here and polar bear πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚ they are not that dangerous and just keep eating their foods and enjoying life we have bunch of stray cats around too but they are friendly and doesn't want to have Pat PatπŸ‘‹ rather need a food. The rest of wild animals I am not familiar with are kinda so many but if you would like me to go the forest or jungle than I will try and see like what exist there more and if I survive than I will get back here and let you know. πŸ˜‚
  18. When he was insulting you and was saying a stuff you would have said that to him ''Why not do it by yourself and make it better than mine one and what's the point in placing an order here''. I have encounter one recently too same like him and he open a dispute and reported me on it ''Basically want his work done for free and cancelled the order'' now the CS is dealing with his scam and stuff I don't know where do they come from? why do they do that? and what is actually funny in doubting others skills and than later bothering them. In my part he have got enough revisions than even mentioned in order. If they do not like the work just get a revision and be polite but that's something out of their mind.
  19. Saskatchewan wildflowers are kinda attractive and are my favorite 😊
  20. @vickiespencer I am new on the forum so I am not sure how to add that to previous thread but thank you for letting me know and I will for sure try to do that upon following some instructions. Best Wishes
  21. @captainwarlord We are just only saying we are not discriminating upon nationality and all just only telling that how their scam works and all, there is nothing wrong with it besides that the origin that scammer used is also my country of origin as well and it is completely okay for me to reveal the fact and truth without bringing any hate toward nationality or a country. This post is to keep everyone safe from these kind a people and to report them immediately.
  22. It is better to contact the CS and cancel and they will cancel that order or ask the buyer to cancel his order. If it is a custom order placed by you than cancel that by asking a CS and provide some details so later you won't have trouble dealing with buyer.
  23. @captainwarlord @corsogr I have mentioned the country name and previously mentioned his name too just to make the people aware of his scam so they won't fall for his scam but someone told me that it is against the ToS of forums so I deleted his name. The thing is country name doesn't matter because it isn't going to discriminate anyone around only pointing him and we all know that all buyers are not same and tbh these scammers change their country name too even by using a proxy and vpn and he have used another country name in his profile before to scam another freelancer and got his work done and cancelled an order than reported him for no reason and he ended up getting a warning.
  24. @lloydsolutions @vickiespencer This is not the similar post this one is about if the same incident have happened to you the ticket is open with a CS and they are looking for this scammer who get his work done and than cancelled the order and he have multiple accounts which have different names and if you have encounter similar situation please provide a details and I will let them know regarding that asap for that I have kept that ticket open with them.
  25. @lijo_johnson I regret that fact while I was working on his project in mean time I was in touch with CS and the CS knows about his action but they still put my account on restricted mode instead of him even I reported him before order and on cancellation they told me that they didn't received a cancel request upon his dispute and cancel request on receiving a full delivery only my account got restricted which was totally unfair. I worked 2 whole nights on that done many revisions for him on priority which is only waste of my time and efforts and I cancelled an order on his dispute because I thought CS will take care of the matter and will deal with him but didn't know that I will be the one who will suffer because of his scam.
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