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  1. I am active on fiverr more than 2 months and never had any difficulty creating a new gig. I have already 6 active gigs on fiverr but now I am trying to launch my 7th gig but when I hit create a new gig I opened up at the gig page and it keeps opening up without any further , why is that happening. Need some help here.
  2. Hi, yeah definitely I am not going to share my gig at irrelevant places. thanks for sharing your views.
  3. can you give some suggestions on which platform I should start posting my gig links and it will work.
  4. I always try to polish my gigs and I am still trying to improve my them. thanks a lot for sharing.
  5. I have completed my first order and got good reviews but my rating is 4.3 and at this point of time I didn't know that I will be unable to send any more offers to buyers. What am I suppose to do now. As a new seller we depend on offers and that advantage has taken away from me just because of my rating. I was happy to complete my order today Need help here. And just wanted to know that how I can get back buyer requests to show.
  6. Hi there, I am trying my gig title for about thousand times but its unable to save and continue. I have tried that title with different words but its not working. when I try to save and continue its shows that ''title contains only words or numbers''. Please guide me what I can do about that. Need help asap. My gig title is: I will design a significant book cover or/and a eBook cover. Just tell me what I am doing wrong here.
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