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  1. I have no another account on fiverr market place.
  2. Hi I am can't login my account. This is show "Your account is temporarily disabled. We sent you an email explaining what happened." message . my email notification is Hi pkmalo, You were flagged for having more than one account on Fiverr, which we consider a violation of our Terms of Service and our policies. As a result of this violation, your Fiverr accounts were permanently disabled. If you have any funds available for withdrawal 90 days from now, you will get an email with instructions explaining how to withdraw. This email will be sent automatically and there is no need to contact customer support. Please help me how to get my account?
  3. Same condition for me. Could not get any order Yet. But I am trying to best. So, Best Of luck .
  4. send buyer request more and more but I have not any order yet.
  5. I am new seller on fiverr.com. But I have no order yet. How can I get first order!?
  6. Hi , I am a new seller on fiverr.com. I send more buyer request but i get not any first order. I do not know my fault . I am not know authentic buyer to find. so, How can I find authentic buyer?
  7. Hi I am a new seller on fiverr.com . I am wide experience of making data entry work, copy paste, excel,convert file etc. but i do not get first order . I am new on fiverr anyone have to trust me i will do your work as soon as possible . Please suggests me how can get first order? Thanks pkmalo
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