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  1. I am also facing the same issue
  2. I have been trying to withdraw my payment from fiverr through Bank transfer option. But it is showing an error as shown in the screenshot attached. Can anyone tell me how to solve this?
  3. Has Fiverr restricted the withdrawal through payoneer? I am not seeing the option for money withdrawal on my earnings page. It is just showing Paypal and Paypal is not in pakistan. Can someone guide me?
  4. I want to change the category of this gig: https://www.fiverr.com/share/zyLlbo from data entry to email marketing as the later is more relevant. Can someone please guide me about this?
  5. Happens to me too. But when I stay online for about an hour, then, buyer requests start to show too. Try the same technique
  6. Then, can you share that how to get your gig ranking if we do not share it on social media platforms?
  7. Well I guess you should add bullet points under headings like WHY ME? or ADDITIONAL SERVICES etc. Hope so that helps.
  8. Yeah Payoneer takes a long time to respond.
  9. I submitted my order three days ago. But the payment is still not showing in my Earnings tab. What could be the possible reasons?
  10. I paused a gig after got my 1st order on it. Now, when I activated it today and added a limit for orders, it is showing overbooked and 2 orders in queue while when I open the orders tab, there is only one order present. Can anyone tell me what is the issue here? I added a screenshot too.
  11. My customer placed an order through my buyer request about 2 weeks again. I asked her several times about the task related details and whether she is satisfied by my service up till now. But she has not responded to even a single message. Plus, the order she has placed about the site is a little weird too. What should I do?
  12. There should be some call feature on fiverr too. Or something similar.
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