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  1. do have any personal suggestion ? it will help me more.
  2. can anyone explain in simple sentence how to send a buyer request perfectly for data entry worker?
  3. He didn't show buyer information. So may be it will not be a serious issue.
  4. This is one of the best post on fiverr forum for new seller. Its also a inspiration for them and also for me. Thanks for sharing this
  5. am asking this cause which people working on data entry sector they always work this type work. So am asking why they need email list and other information.and which type of people are searching for this. That's it
  6. can anyone tell me which people or which company need email list, list of restaurants, list of hotel and so on.,,? Please help to know this.
  7. Can I know how much impression you get in 1st day?
  8. can I know how much impression you get on fiverr gig?
  9. please provide me your best suggestion.
  10. This is great problem for every new seller. I am also facing with this problem. But you have to most active to see more buyer request.
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