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  1. The novice freelancer is hard to find the first orders, but on the other way, if you are really professional, you will end up finding work, and then it will be easier. But the situation is also associated with the fact that there are many free online translators now on the Internet. I recently used one of them when I needed a translate english to vietnamese. It turned out to be quite good, very close to human translation.
  2. As for me, I would advise you to use something easier to master as you do not have enough experience. Use this site to get acquainted with the video editor that combines many professional functions and an intuitive interface. Start with a simpler things, then it will be easier for you to deal with other editors.
  3. If you are new in video editing, try something easier.
  4. Hello. What software do you use for video editing? I am looking for something not very difficult, but at the same time with good functionality.
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