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  1. started almost a month ago on fiverr with 4 sales , my world domination is 1 % 😂 USA, UK & Israel. Will get back to this post after my 100th order 🥳
  2. started almost a month ago on fiverr with 4 sales , my world domination is 1 % 😂 USA, UK & Israel. Will get back to this post after my 100th order 🥳
  3. well i wish there was a Report spam button beside each buyer request, its getting crazy !
  4. Hello Napoleon, Yes it might seem a bit discouraging, but let me tell you from a buyers perspective (I am a buyer too). Many offers sent by sellers are not relevant to what buyers are looking for, for example I've recently posted a request for an app I am working on, after receiving many offers (around 50), ONLY 2 sellers got my attention because they knew exactly what I am requesting, and they even walked me through the process and replied to all my points I've mentioned in my request. The rest are just copy & paste offers, Exceeding my budget limit, irrelevant gigs attached, sellers who will write I am level 2 but he is not .... and the list goes on. As a seller, I knew what sellers are sending and tried to avoid their mistakes! I have sent offers to requests that has around 150 offers already, and i won 2 sales from that. I believe I got accepted because I clearly mentioned the process of delivering their designs, sent them a sketch so they know I understood their request, and offered a lower price than expected. wishing you and everyone good luck.
  5. Hello Nahiduddin, I am a new seller and got my first order by sending an offer to a buyer request. So far I have sent around 60 requests, and got 2 confirmed sales which is not bad, its like 33% conversion rate ! I am a buyer too, and I've sent buyer requests to hire a seller. So my tips for you: 1- Understand what the buyers need, and try to show that in your offer. 2- Give the buyers a brief, let them know what will happen after buying your gig (the process of your work). In my case for example, I explained for a buyer how I am going to design his Youtube channel intro, what fonts i am suggesting and why, what colors and why ... etc. 3- If you can, show them a customized sample or a sketch. Now they know you read & understood their request. 4- Don't copy & paste your replies, as a buyer myself I came across many sellers who will send me an offer that does not relate to my request. 5- Don't send an offer that exceeds their budget, and try to offer them lower than their limit. I hope those tips will inspire you in some way. Wishing you & all sellers Good luck ! Mohamed
  6. Congrats ! I know exactly how you feel, I am a new seller too, and got my orders from Buyer requests. Wishing you and everyone reading all the best.
  7. Hello everyone, I am a new seller here, been browsing buyer request for couple of months now, and I am wondering if there is any way to report sellers who are posting Buyer request to promote their gigs? Its just so annoying to read through his request then gets excited to do the job then open the link attached and SURPRISE, a seller who is desperately trying to get the most useless click from other seller! How can we report such issues ? or is there a way to suggest adding this feature ? Stay safe, Mohamed
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