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  1. First of all your order completion % will be reduced, which may harm your level. Also your ranking on search engine would be down meaning you will not get orders directly. You can send buyer request from that you can get orders. In this way your ranking would be increased as well as order completion and you will get your ranking again. These are my thoughts
  2. Nice may you get more orders in the future. Try to deliver best quality and be kind with buyer. My best wishes are with you:-)
  3. You can share your gigs on social media there is an option in your seller dashboard to share gigs you can copy links from there
  4. I hope these suggestions will help you as a starter also there are many tips in tips for seller section. https://community.fiverr.com/forums/topic/254790-how-to-rank-my-gig/?do=findComment&comment=1546183
  5. Yes because cancellations had negative effect on gig. So now try to be active on fiverr and send buyer requests. When you get some nice reviews and complete orders on time you will start getting orders again. Don't worry and be patient
  6. What you mean? Not use that keywords included in the title?
  7. I posted it in my own thread. What should I do?
  8. Oh thanks for your advice actually I placed one of my url in this section. Will it cause any harm?
  9. Urls aren't allowed in this section? How will people see the gigs then to provide suggestions how to improve that?
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