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  1. Do SEO before publishing your gig. You can do SEO for your image or text in description, title and on the FAQ section. Don't forget to update your SEO title in the first stage.
  2. I think so, Just write about your problem here. Here lots of people are ready to help
  3. It is okay for you. Don't worry. Fiverr don't allow multiple account from a same IP
  4. Daily 10 buyer request will not affect to your gig rank
  5. Sometimes, some buyer place order by mistake. What need to do in that case?
  6. Share your gig on social media and stay online
  7. Hi Nichole, Welcome to Fiverr community.
  8. It depends on your gig topic and targeted audience. Stay online for 2 days and you will get the best time for your service. Best of luck
  9. Yes, for message and order sometime we have to search for specific thing. but there are no option for this
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