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  1. My imp is down this days .i don't know what to do ? only i have one option it's Promoted Gigs...😪 but my friend @strategist_ceo my gig price is $10/$20/$25 . what do you think my friend?
  2. Hello Guys! Can you Share Your idea about PROMOTED GIGS option? and please tell me how it works. I need to get an idea about this. Thank You Very Much, everyone. (Malith)
  3. Hello Guys! please anyone can tell me about the "Promoted GIG" option. How does its work? how it's success ? it's good or bad? Thank You Very Much.
  4. Thank You Very Much ! i got your idea . Thanks again!
  5. After Level 1 (last 15th) My impression and Click are down day by day, I really don't know why is that. anyone can give me the solution? and my BR is not updated, the same BR on-page every day,
  6. LIKE THIS. Thank you very much, sir, if you want any updates in the future please let me know any time. Please can you share your experience with my service as a review it's valuable for me. Thanks again. Have a nice day sir. Stay safe.
  7. check BR in every hour, at one time you can find a new BR. that's your time.
  8. Hey When you delete your buyer account it's auto-deletes your all reviews, the same as the seller account. but remember to deactivate the account. you need to create a new email to create a new Fiverr account, when you create same email you log into the same account you used. you are right can't change our Fiverr name it's permanent.
  9. open your message box and find 3 dots like this attachment, you got what you looking
  10. Send BR, and talk your friendly buyers and get orders from them
  11. spicewebx ih_enan hey I mean I can't log into facebook through fiverr ... that I mention '' I try to contact CS''. and check image I attach it's from fiverr.
  12. yes brother, I do all things and complain it to CS.
  13. delete old GIG and create new one with good description and quality gig image oh really need do that too seo your description and add meta data to your GIG image.
  14. change gig images seo you description add meta data to images
  15. don't worry it is a Fiverr algorithm. it's always up and down gigs.
  16. gig impression is not important to get the orders. Just create eyechachy gig thumbnails first and SEO your gig description and earn trust from buyers, than you can see what happened.
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