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  1. Thank you bro. This is really awesome. I will apply it on my next gig.
  2. I published some gig last month and get two orders. I completed these orders but my gigs are not rank now. What should i do now?
  3. Any level sellers was a new seller once. The best opportunity to hire new seller is they are giving their service in low price and they will 100% satisfy you. But you need to choose the right one. See their description. Check their profile. Call them for an interview and ask them about your requirement to know how much he knows about your project. See their previous work samples. By doing this you will know how much supportive he is! Can he do your job properly?
  4. Suddenly my all gigs are lose ranked. I tried a lot but i can't rank again. What should i do now?
  5. welcome, All the best to achieve your goal and give the best services to buyers.
  6. stay online and create 7 gigs.
  7. First of all select your niche keyword. Then search it in search box. Check the recommendation keywords. Find the best and relevant keywords from them.
  8. That was really awesome tips. Thank you.
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