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  1. this shows your dedication and professionalism to your work. Get well soon. Best of luck!
  2. I want to create a team to work on various services on fiverr with a group of people. How and what to do?
  3. Good job. Keep your progress ahead. How much later did you get the 2nd order after 1st one?
  4. In fiverr you can post a project related to your job and sellers will apply to the job which is known as buyer request to the seller. to post a job follow the link Request a Custom Order | Fiverr
  5. I admit this statement. But why not a quality service with the focus keyword can be more effective to get the job from buyers? I think to get more impressions and order, a quality gig description along with the main keyword would be more effective. I am not sacrificing with my gig offerings and description, rather just optimizing gig description using the keyword.
  6. Keywords may not matter to determine gig success, but an SEO friendly content matters with it's focus keyword in it's description.
  7. so no specific number. There is a range of using a specific keyword in description
  8. How many times maximum the main keyword can be used in gig description?
  9. It could be "how can you pick the best seller within your budget".
  10. Your tips are ok but how this one may help to build presence to a seller? And overall, this post is for sellers.
  11. It is true that Fiverr forum is more user-friendly than any other forum exists.
  12. okay. Thanks for the information
  13. Eid-Ul-Adha Mubarak! May your faith and love for Allah be rewarded with peace, happiness, and successes for today and always. Wishing you a joyful Eid ul Adha! May the joy of Eid surround you and your family.
  14. what about gig rotation? Do I lose my position that was before edit?
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