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  1. You got me wrong. I have mentioned the PROMOTED GIG option which is not connected with the Monthly evaluation. It turns on whenever the seller fulfilled the criteria.
  2. Hello Fiverr, Recently one of my GIGs has reached 20 reviews and they are all 5 star. And besides that I am a LEVEL ONE seller. So the criteria for a promoting a GIG has been accomplished. But I didn't get any tab called PROTION GIG or something like that. When will I get this or do I have to do anything to enable this feature. Thanks in advance Emon Arefin
  3. My question is why does the order decrease during winter season? In my opinion, the order should increase in winter as people have no vacation like summer.
  4. Hello Fiverr, I am really glad to share with you a happy moment of mine. It's just a matter of time I would be promoted to LEVEL ONE SELLER. There's still two more orders to complete. But there's already four orders in my queue. I hope they are going to complete within a very short time. Thanks for reading. Happy freelancing.
  5. First I created a post on 'Improve My Gig' section. And there wasn't really any reply. But I need some suggestion from experienced person badly. That's why I create another post on 'Casual Conversation' section. And I couldn't find any option to delete this post. As a result we are now talking about this silly stuff. However sorry for the whole thing.
  6. What would you do if the buyer won't show up before finishing the delivery time.
  7. Will they help me cancel the order or anything else?
  8. Wow! Congratulations mate. Wish you a successful career in Fiverr. Can you please share your journey throughout this long way.
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