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  1. I thought that I am the only member who was not getting enough buyer request ....
  2. Great topic ...I am also a new seller and those were my question .... Thank you
  3. Thank you sir .....I was thinking a lot about impression . But after reading your valuable post , my tension get decreased...
  4. I missed the old one . It's the only one version for me
  5. May be 14/15 hours staying in online is enough
  6. Though I haven't done any order yet , but my teacher suggest me to write unlimited revision .He also advice us that you will only revise if you do any mistake .If it is not your mistake you will tell the buyer clearly that you will not give revise as buyers requirement. For buyers mistakes you will not suffer . In this case tell buyer that they can go fiver support team .
  7. I am also a new seller . After reading your post I will try to come forum regularly from now
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