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  1. Send Daily buyer request and be active on fiverr. Welcome to Fiverr Forum. Best of luck
  2. send more buyer request and make your gig title, description, photos SEO optimized...
  3. Your conversion rate will decrease if people contact you, and then choose not to place an order. agreed
  4. You have posted into COVID-19 Discussions Topics.
  5. Vaccination can not give you a guarantee to save you from Covid-19. But it will help you to grow your immune system.
  6. Fiverr is a mysterious place. Thanks for sharing your Fiverr Journey.
  7. Congratulations. Be Active on Fiverr.
  8. Yes I have also seen. I hope I will get this badge after few days.
  9. Check the gig status by help and support section. If you think something is wrong, then you can contact with fiverr support.
  10. Please research deeply on GIG Creation.
  11. You can say, "Please leave a Feed.back of my task, If everything is okay to your requirements" I think it is the best way....
  12. Be hungry. Give us all something BIG to celebrate. Look beyond your first order.
  13. You are an attention seeker. You have posted this topic before. Why you are posting same things??
  14. Check your gig visibility by the help of Fiverr support. They will immediately give a solution to this problem.
  15. Yes, I always maintain those criteria. That's why I have gotten 3 orders from buyer request and hopefully 4th order is knocking at my door. Thanks.
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