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  1. I still have my 3 photos on my gig attached on it , the problem is the reviews with images attached on it disappeared. The review is stiill there but the photo itself disappeared. But i am now left with a 2 reviews with 2 images as well because i asked them to put the photo with their review as well , it was my recent works too. All of my old stuff disappeared. I do NSFW artworks btw , i don't know if that is violating the ToS of fiverr becuase to be honest i've never really read it or i think got reported for it. But my SFW works disappeared along with it as well so i doubt that i violated anything. P.s i also don't remember clicking any of "live portfolio" of that sort , all i did was edit my 3 sample pictures and add tags on it because back then it didn't have one , maybe i noticed it too late because i've only noticed it when one of my clients started asking if he can look at some of my portfolios. It left my wondering why he's asking for it since i already have alot of it on my gig , then that's where i've realized all of it disappeared, and the 2 new reviews that i have as well isn't popping up on the sample images i have. It's supposed to stack up with it right?but now it's not appearing with it.
  2. Fiverr suddenly removed all of my reviews with images attached on it , it was around 20+ now it is gone. I am now left with 2 images reviews and i don't know why it is not popping on the 3 samples i have on my gig as well. HELPPP!!! I believe it disappeared when i started adding on a tag on my sample works from my gig and ever since then it has disappeared.
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