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  1. How To send a effective buyer request? You can follow this simple steps Read the Buyer Requirements Make Every Word Count Focus on Benefits (not features) Put Your Best Foot Forward Don’t Use an Excess of Technical Language Hope It will help you guys
  2. @asaduzzamanweb You are welcome
  3. How to Rank Your Gig? Hello, Sellers How are you? Today in this post i am going to share some tricks for you guys that Will Help you to rank your gig. Find the at least five keywords by which you want to you gig in search list. Check how many gig available on that keyword. Choose low competitive keyword Try to use all of your keyword in your title if possible Use the keywords in description in tricky way Seo your gig images check keyword density I am not pro but this method is proven, But maybe some of you will not agree with me. I just share my opinion Thank You
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