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  1. Impress buyer for getting more tips in future like this..And congrats
  2. congratulation. good job..keep it up
  3. congratulation. Wish you a very good luck for your freelancing career. Keep going.
  4. congratulations for your long journey of achievement. There is a lot of things to learn from your story. But one thing i want to say is" Success is not an achievement it is a journey". Wish you a very good luck for your future journey. I am a new seller. I am starting to discover things on my way. Suddenly i had a great loss I am trying to over come. Pray for me. Again Thank you For sharing your Journey.
  5. I am new seller also i am new in fiverr Forum. But continuously being active in Forum i gather so many knowledge. Doing that i increased my level gradually. Today just about few mins ago i got my 8th rank on Fiverr Forum. I am so happy today. I did not think about that such a short time i can gather so many knowledge with ranking up. So there is my little happiness sharing with my community.Thank you all.
  6. thank you for your help.
  7. welcome to fiverr forum. Wish you have a long journey with good luck.
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