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  1. 6 hours ago, mariashtelle1 said:

    There is not “should” or “would” or “minimum maximum impressions”. 
    SEO has nothing to do with your impressions on top of that. SEO is purely for outlining your service to make it easier for algorithm to filter it. 
    There is also not set number of impressions that gigs are getting. It all depends on your performance and other factors that fiverr doesn’t disclose. 

    thank you

  2. 6 hours ago, rachelbostwick said:

    Nobody knows the answer to that. There isn't a metric for particular categories to have a particular number of impressions, sorry. That is the wrong thing to focus on.

    The primary gig image for your gig is not great. It's supposed to be a modern, minimalist gig, but the logo is colored in with a gradient and a stroke around it? Did you draw the leaves and the flower from scratch? If so, redesign them so they can be seen clearly in black and white without the need for a stroke or different colors. That is what makes a logo modern and minimalist.

    The images in your second and third gig images are a lot better, but they're so different from the first one that I can't tell if they were uniquely designed by you or not.

    Your profile picture is plain, unappealing text over an unfashionable color. This is a lost opportunity to highlight a perfect logo design. You should design yourself a really good logo so people can see your skill every time they look at your profile. This is your opportunity to design something you adore in a best case scenario. Assign yourself that for your next, most important step for reeling customers in. One really good, super appealing logo that represents YOU. You got this. 


    I really appreciate your attention. Thank you very much for your comments and suggestions

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  3. On 7/3/2021 at 12:58 PM, shadiya646 said:

    There is no way to find bad buyer without you working with them. Before taking any order you can check their account review what other seller said about them.

    If you faced any rude buyer than further don't need to take any order from them.

    I agree with your opinion

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