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  1. Fiverr give me a new option that is called subscription. Should I add the option or not? Will this effect on my gig ranking?
  2. People say, "Be active on Fiver to get better gig ranking!' but where should I be active? In my Fiverr profile? or my Fiverr forum?
  3. If you have much knowledge and experience about Fiverr, please comment your suggestions below! These suggestion will help many new sellers like me. Thanks in advance!
  4. I'm Navila, I'm new at Fiverr forum. How can I get badges? Why do I need badges? are these badges valuable? please comment!
  5. I've completed 2 orders with 5 stars ratings and positive reviews. But My gig's impressions and clicks don't improving, what can I do? please comment your valuable advice. Thanks in advance!
  6. Recently I've completed 2 orders. Both orders are from YouTube marketing. I've done my work according to buyer's choice. That's why, they gave me positive review with 5 starts ratings. Pray for me. 🙂
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