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  1. Hi Jessiviera, unfortunately you can't block anyone unless they have ordered from you, feel free to see Fiverr's article for reference and more info: https://www.fiverr.com/support/articles/360011288898. Please note on the forum you are not allowed to mention a user's name in a negative way so can you please remove the user's name from your post. Hope this helps you
  2. Hi @abusaeed7171, thanks for your response. Unfortunately this is not what I was asking about, I was asking about how many orders are required until Fiverr shows you repeat business score. If anyone else knows it would be great if you could chime in. Thanks:)
  3. Does anyone know how many orders you need to have completed for Fiverr to calculate your repeat business score? I've completed 8 so far and it still says There are not enough orders to calculate your score, yet, so I'm thinking it could be 10 orders?
  4. Hi Everyone, just to confirm what everyone has been discussing and what we suspected, here is a snippet of the message that I got from customer support. If you are unable to divide a large file into smaller parts, you can use a third-party file sharing service (such as DropBox.com, or MediaFire.com) to upload the file, and then send your buyer the download link. We ask that you do not use a file-sharing service that requires an exchange of email addresses or other personal contact details which violates our guidelines.
  5. Hi everyone, I found this Fiverr article and they say at the bottom: "If the file you would like to deliver is too big, or you experience technical limitations, you may use alternative methods to send a file (e.g., Dropbox, etc.)." https://www.fiverr.com/support/articles/360010639437-Delivering-an-Order From this message it seems that Fiverr doesn't really mind what file sharing service you use, and I haven't been experiencing any issues using Google Drive but I can't be 100% sure so if anyone else knows more about this feel free to chime in. @seven_sign, what article tells you to only use WeTransfer or DropBox because I'm interested too! Update: I've contacted Customer Support about this so I'll let you know what they say!
  6. Hi @zoyachoudhry, I recommend you contact Customer Support at https://www.fiverr.com/support_tickets/new?source=zendesk and they should be able to advise you on how to fix this error or they can inform their technical team so they can get onto the issue.
  7. Hi @creativefable, I was having this issue with it showing really off statistics like -1 and wrong amount of orders in queue in the gig section like yourself. I ended up contacting customer support and they created a technical ticket and I was told that it would be a while until this released due to the scale of the update required. I found that you can trust "orders" tab so you can rely on these for the amount of active orders you have and the amount of completed orders you have so if there aren't any new orders in there you should be all good. The analytics tab seems to work fine too so if you trust those two and just stay away from trusting the order count on the Gigs page then you should be all good. Feel free to check out this thread for more. Hope this helps you out:)
  8. I reckon it would be great if Fiverr removed the LATE sign after an order is in revision because the amount of new sellers (including me) who were confused/worried about this message is pretty large. Sorry for two posts in one day 🙂 , I just have been thinking about these features for a while.
  9. I'd love for you to be able to limit the total orders you receive for your whole account instead of individually per gig. I reckon this would be helpful because some Gigs I will rarely receive orders on and if I am booked out it would be great if I could automatically cancel all my gigs, not just one. Would others find this feature useful?
  10. Hi Everyone and @markadamsdesign, I thought I'd let you know that I was told by customer support that the issue is still being fixed by the Fiverr technical team. They said that due to the scale of the update required it will be a little while until its released.
  11. Thank you! I'll contact customer support and I'll report back on what they say.
  12. Does anyone else have the issue where the Fiverr English Test title disappears when viewed in Public Mode? Has anyone else had this issue because just wanted to check this wasn't a problem with my browser. If people have I'll probably ask Customer Support about it. Seller ViewPublic View
  13. @markadamsdesignI have the same issue 😂. Since I see that its not only happening to me I''ll probably ask customer support about it.
  14. Hi, As I edited my post above to show You must have at least one review but otherwise the amount of reviews does not matter but you just must keep your rating above 4.7 for 60 days to be promoted. EDIT: Understood, thanks for clearing that up. I was a little confused about what you meant.
  15. Hi @wardahjwrites, if you check out the link that was shared above by @shaamim: https://www.fiverr.com/levels. Reviews do matter. To move up to level one, two or Top Rated Seller it is a requirement that you must "Maintain a 4.7-star rating over 60 days". But, the amount of reviews you have does not matter (as long as you have at least one review). Hope this helps. As your link shows, reviews do matter to be promoted to the next level.
  16. I checked out your profile and I though I'd let you know that you cannot send buyer if your rating is under 4.7*. This would be the reason why you can't send buyer requests. @rabiul2222 I don't know if you missed the question in the title because I can't see any spamming 🙂
  17. Your gig will then be manually reviewed by the Fiverr Team and if it is cleared then it will be published. After your gig is published it will move from the pending approval section to the active section of your gigs page.
  18. Ok, thanks for the clarification! I've asked for the post to be removed
  19. That is quite unusual, I would contact customer support as they can guide you through the issue and if this is a bug hopefully fix your response rate. Hope it helps
  20. @corsogr, Once a buyer sent me contact details and I just reminded them that we could not make contact outside of Fiverr and nothing happened to me. I was involved in a discussion with customer service regarding a different issue to do with this order and CS just reminded me to not contact the buyer outside of Fiverr. So I assume that you do not have to flag the buyer and stop messaging them.
  21. Hi, you cannot change the url of your gig from the first name your gig had. Therefore, if you wish to change the title you must create a new gig. Whether that affects where you gig is placed: I'll leave that to more experienced forum users.
  22. Hi @marketingrohde, I thought I'd add that this point is directly against Fiverr's Terms of Service so if this happens to you I recommend you contact customer support immediately. And this point I thought I'd add that (not immediately) but at a certain time in your selling career you do have to verify your identity with official government identification otherwise your account will be deleted. I am unsure when this point is but if any more experienced sellers know feel free to add. Only 1 account per user is allowed and I believe Fiverr does only allow one account per ip address but I know that people can always get around these mechanisms some how so feel free to report any fake, duplicate users and contact customer support. In general if you have a bad experience with a seller or if you have any of the issues you identified above I recommend you contact customer support because they are pretty great at helping with these issues. You can contact them here. https://www.fiverr.com/support_tickets/new?source=zendesk Hope all this helps and sorry you had a bad experience on Fiverr.
  23. Hi @obayedhasan and welcome! This forum is for Fiverr FAQ. To get a better answer about your gig I recommend you read through the posts on the "Improve My Gig" Forum and if this doesn't help you then post this question over there.
  24. Hi @mastercreator3 and @kayaw_graphics, as I promised I'd get back to you after I had fully sorted out the issue with customer support. This is the response I got from customer support: Hey *******, Thank you for your patience regarding this issue. We’re getting back to you to let you know that our technical teams are looking into a significant update that will eventually fix the issue you've encountered. In the meantime, it is essential to clarify that you can continue using your account as usual. Due to the scale of the update required, it may take some time to implement, so I will be closing this ticket in the meantime. We continue to monitor the issue until it's fully resolved. However, if you wish to leave this ticket open until then, please reply. We appreciate your patience while we resolve this for you. Kind regards, ***********
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