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  1. I reckon it would be great if Fiverr removed the LATE sign after an order is in revision because the amount of new sellers (including me) who were confused/worried about this message is pretty large. Sorry for two posts in one day 🙂 , I just have been thinking about these features for a while.
  2. Hi @rifatmia15, welcome to the Fiverr Community! 🙂 Here are some general tips to optimise your gigs so that they show up in the search results of more users: Use keywords in your gig description and title (don't overuse them though) Include an engaging video and good quality photos Link accounts, do Fiverr’s tests and courses to gain credibility Add multiple gigs for specific services e.g realestate video editing, YouTube video editing ect Feel free to check out my gigs for examples of optimised gigs. Hope it Helps! High-Res Studios
  3. To get your order it can be quite difficult at first. But the best ways to get your orders flowing in include: Having keywords in your gigs (don’t overuse them though)Include a video and good quality photosLink accounts, do Fiverr’s tests and courses to gain credibility (this increased my ranking from my experience. Hope it Helps! High-Res Studios
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