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  1. Hey folks! Gareth here. Hope everyone is doing great. I’m new to web design. Currently studying coding as well as working in Webflow, Adobe After Effects, and video editing in FCP. I put my profile up a little under a month ago now and only had one request which never led to a job. I’m not naive and know there are thousands of designers competing for potential jobs. But with a month nearly done and not one job. Can someone share some experience they have had with this? I can’t help but feel because I took 13hrs to get back to a message it has bumped me way down the pecking order. This was to ensure I went back with an accurate answer. But now in hindsight, I’m thinking time is everything with these gigs and should have got back to them sooner to inform them I would find out? Anything I can do to improve my profile and enhance my chances of getting some work? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Gareth.
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