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  1. Hi, this sounds like an amazing opportunity, especially interested in the analytics side! I know I’m a relatively new Seller but I’m planning on adding more gigs very soon, hah, and I am trying to do this full-time. On another note, is this a beta for an upcoming feature available to everyone? Would be an exciting feature for the community for sure!
  2. Mine are 1600x1076 but it should be fine although smaller size would make it load faster which is better UX. I think they need to approve it when you change it but I’m not sure.
  3. Hey I’m a newish seller in a similar boat. From 11 impressions my first day to eventually 0-1 for a month or so, I changed SEO and some stuff and got 5 impressions with 2 clicks but the next day 0 again, this was yesterday. Still haven’t had a sale in general which is why I think it’s that much lower. How much did you get on your first day tho, and how has your situation changed since making this post? Edit: I see we’re both UX/UI Designers as well 😃
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