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  1. That’s perfectly fine. As long as there is nothing suspicious and it is acceptable practice for buyers to wait until the three day period is over and the gig is then automatically accepted. As long as the gig still counts towards my stats I don’t care at all if the buyer leaves feedback or reviews, I just want to make sure that the work I complete is rightfully accounted for and contributes to my overall stats on the site. As I’m sure most of you know (or at least it’s been true for me, as a new seller) it is incredibly difficult to generate business without being given access to the buyer request section (although thankfully, I’ve begun to generate business on my own) and my hope is, that once and if I level up, I’ll be able to post responses to the elusive buyer requests myself. Of course, I can dream, I suppose! Thank you all for your feedback!
  2. Good day, everyone! I have a bit of a curious query….I’m a little confused when it comes to the rules regarding the acceptance of orders by a buyer. Let me briefly outline the situation and maybe my question will become clearer. I have a client who purchased a short 1k Flash Fiction piece from me (I am a ghostwriter) that the client said would be a test run to see if he liked my writing style. I completed the gig on time and sent it to him, he confirmed that he received it, but asked me some vague questions about revising formatting. I immediately attempted to make the requested revision (his gig included two free revisions anyway) and then I sent him the file, asking him to please confirm that it was correct. He never responded and he never accepted the gig. The gig was automatically completed after 3 days, but then, to my surprise, he placed another order for a huge word count. He bought my most expensive package for my highest word count (7k) and then requested that I add an additional 7k words to the package, which I did. He paid for both and I’m about halfway through the order, but my question is….if this buyer refuses to accept orders but then continually places them, I don’t think the gigs count towards my overall gig count and I will not be able to level up as I would love to do in the near future, if all goes well. Is there something strange going on here with this client or am I just being paranoid? I’ve already had some bad experiences here with buyers trying to break the TOS and I’m not entirely clear on the responsibility a buyer has to accept an order. Can anyone possibly enlighten me? Thank you all so much! The Fiverr seller community is always so supportive. I look forward to your responses.
  3. Yes! I have! It is what first led me to consider the whole quandary of offering samples. It was indeed a quite enlightening and insightful thread. 😊 Edit to add: by giving a sample of work, I do not mean something one has produced for a client. It should go without saying, but I just want to be clear. By sample, I mean something original that I have produced, not something I have written or created for a client. 😀
  4. No, no, of course, I would never write something custom or new for free. Never. I meant more like posting little snippets of your work on your gig’s ad page or giving out a paragraph or two to demonstrate your ability and style. Also, as most of you mentioned, I have no problem giving out access to my overdramatized Harry Potter fanfics from ten years ago, although to be honest, they’re probably quite embarrassing to read now :rofl:
  5. Great advice! Thank you so much! I completely understand your reason for not giving out samples. It is definitely a smart practice and one that I will adopt. I can’t help but wonder though…other freelancers on this platform seem to give samples of their work to buyers before they purchase their gigs. For example, concept artists, book cover artists, logo makers, they all provide samples of their work in their gig’s ad. I suppose this is just an example of the diverse nature of the work that freelancers offer on this platform and also, the old adage that what works for one seller may not work for another. 😀
  6. My fellow writers and ghostwriters! Do you provide samples of your work or do you leave it up to the buyer’s discretion? I initially had a few samples listed on my gig’s page and I also provided samples upon request, however, I decided to remove them after hearing some not so positive things from other writers on this site (they’ve had their work stolen, been taken advantage of, etc.) when it comes to posting samples. So my question is, should I or shouldn’t I? As a writer, I’m skittish, but I know if I was a buyer looking to hire a writer, I would want to see a sample first. I suppose my real question is, do buyers have the right to expect to receive samples of a writer’s work first before they commit to hiring? Or should writer’s exercise extreme caution when they are asked to produce work before they have been paid? Thoughts?
  7. Thank you kindly, folks! Your advice is very much appreciated.
  8. Thank you! It is so nice to “meet” other ghostwriters. Back in the day, I was much more social with fellow writers…now with the pandemic and real life, not so much, haha. Thanks for taking the time to say hello!
  9. Thanks, gents! It was a pleasure meeting you both!
  10. Thank you for your help! I’ll do just that. 😊
  11. Thank you so much for the warm welcome! If I have a question that isn’t addressed in the TOS, is there a place that I can ask about it on the forums?
  12. Hello all! My name is Lee Anne and I’m a ghostwriter from the United States. I’ve been writing (as the cliche goes) since I could hold a pen. I wrote original short Speculative/horror/fantasy fiction for years but then I grew tired of trying to decipher what editors wanted, so I took a break and decided to write only for “myself”. Throughout my twenties, I indulged my writerly instincts by working on fanfiction, mostly, but then I discovered Fiverr and the idea of ghostwriting and thought I should make the leap back to freelancer again. So here I am…This seems like a really vibrant community and I look forward to “meeting” you all. Thanks for having me!
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