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  1. Someone has stolen my design all files that was copied in pendrive with pendrive. But my original all files have in my desktop till now. What can i do? Any problem if this is viral?  

    1. shamimngd


       I have found my pendrive with all files. so problem solve. 

  2. if this feature useful for us then we really beneficiar for this. Thanks for good idea.
  3. if this feature useful for us then we really beneficiar for this. Thanks for good idea.
  4. Audio advertising that mean by audio i can adverties my design such as hi, i can design all beautiful profession flyer for your business. I will provide you all offer and i will design according to you that you want same as may be isn't it?
  5. Will it applicable for graphics design and how?
  6. Can i use fiverr link is for social media marketing. Have any effect in my fiverr ID if this link apply in social media marketing? please suggest me by comment. Thanks.

  7. Hi, everyone in fiver forum. I am new here. I am also new in fiver marketplace. i have some design in my gig. please check my gig and please suggest me that my design is perfect or not, if not perfect then tell me how i can do perfect design. I am new but expert. my all design is from my own creativity. All creativity is mine. Thanks. 

  8. I am also new in fiverr as a Graphics designer. I am very glad to read your post that success doesn’t come overnight. For success we have to committed. I have also commitment for this profession for success. one day i will success insaallah. I am muslim that’s why i will have to say insaallah. Because it’s my riligion. Don’t mind thanks.
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