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  1. Hello there, Actually, My major issue is, Can I change my Fiverr Profile Picture? I have already approved my account in the Fiverr. Thank you for your answering me.
  2. I am sending every day 10 buyer request, But, I get response some some, But, They are not giving me a job. Where is the major issue? Let me know your thoughts. Thank you.
  3. If someone knows this trick then Answer. Thank you.
  4. Please let me know the accurate answer. I am very confused. Thank you so much.
  5. Please let me inform everyone opinion. Actually, I am too confused. Please everyone clarify to me then In advance Thanks.
  6. I am a new here also completed 2 order, cancel 3 order, But stil not getting any job what could do I? Everyone please give me answer. Thank you. This is my Fiverr Profile: https://www.fiverr.com/hafej_md_ariful
  7. Hello There, Could everyone to see my Gig where is the main issues has in my gig? Then drop a comment here. Thank you for your help me this is my Fiverr Profile id, https:/fiverr.com/hafez_md_ariful
  8. It's very helpful an answer to me that I think. Hello Dear Fiverr Seller Freelancerif8, It's happy to see you try to get your order. You already spend two months but didn't work. Don't worry, Continue sending your buyer request and wait. You also check your gig image, and others, If all are right, Then active more time and marketing your gig. Happy freelancing. Thank you
  9. Yes, You could message to buyers* Thank you for your message/ Thank you for your contacting with me. * Also you may send a greeting message to your buyers. Thank you.
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