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  1. Yes, it worked, I was able to extend my delivery time. Thank you.
  2. Hi, can i extend the delivery time even though the order is late? it was supposed to be completed yesterday
  3. Hi all, so this is my first order ever, and I’m past the delivery time. And I believe I won’t be able to deliver for at least 2 more days. I spoke to the buyer already and we both agreed the workload was too much and would go past the time, but I want to know if this will affect my rating.
  4. Hi, so I’m a new seller, and I have 2 orders. The first I got through buyers’ requests and the second I got through a recommendation from the first buyer. But they are nowhere close to what my gig offers. I chose to do them because I need the reviews, but should I make a new gig that better fits the scope of what those two buyers asked for? Because they’ve mentioned wanting to do more work in the future.
  5. I would say just wait for a bit. I’m also a new seller, and its been a week since I made my gig and I have just over 60 impressions and 16 clicks. So just wait and see. My gig is in beta reading for reference.
  6. Hi, new seller here. I used to see at least 1 or 2 buyer requests when I first made my gig. But ever since I started working on my first order (that I got because of a buyer request), I am no longer seeing any active requests. I check at least 2-3 times an hour and it’s been 4 days but nothing. Can anyone tell me why that is. And what I can do to start seeing more buyer requests. My gig is in beta reading.
  7. Do you think I can raise the price or ask for extension of time on the actual project now even though I already told the buyer a set price and time?
  8. I’m a new seller and I’ve responded to a buyer request. The buyer has responded to me and asked for a sample of the first story and upon checking the entire document, I don’t think I would be able to complete the work in the required time from the buyer, nor do I think the price I gave in the original response matches the amount of work I am asked to do. Is it okay for me to cancel it? and how do I do this without sounding rude? will it affect my ability to respond to future buyers requests or get future sales?
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