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  1. Congratulations for your great success!!!
  2. Congratulations!!! Wish You best of luck. It motivates the new seller.
  3. Work hard with best and innovative ideas success will come.
  4. Work hard and hard and success will come as soon as possible. So hope for the best
  5. Nice initiative and it actually help the sellers to work hard to get 100% all the time and they have to more vigilant
  6. Really appreciative. just wow!!!
  7. Welcome to the fiverr community. You have to study fiverr algorithm in details and have to make best sample then it will be helpful for you to get more orders
  8. Rightly said if you have more account on fiverr then you will be flagged but you can use your account in desktop, laptop and using fiverr app in android device.
  9. Best wishes and always focused on to meet buyer’s satisfaction by providing quality work.
  10. It is high time for your to enrich your communication and you should communicate to the buyer and must explain the situation. Hope problem will be solved but as a new you should completed the project at any cost to boost your job experiences. hope for the best
  11. You are really welcome as a new in fiverr. Indeed fiverr is the trusted platform in the world to provide the quality services for the buyers. I wish your business prosperity and great success in near future.
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