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  1. It is precisely the service you offer should attract potential buyers and that is what you are stating that it is not happening. Think about the added value of your service, inform about what are the benefits of hiring you otherwise people will automatically think that they can do it without help. Mention your experience, exactly what you do to make these campaigns work, etc. I asked you what were the benefits that I could obtain by hiring your service and you have not answered me, that is when you lose a potential client. Creating a Facebook or Instagram campaign is simple, anyone can do it but not everyone can make them effective, and that is where you should aim.
  2. If you are not having good results, how can you guarantee that I will have them with the service? 🤔 It is a question that perhaps will help you more and what you think to find the reason for the lack of consumption. If you tell me that you are offering to run campaigns on Instagram and Facebook, I think I can do it on my own. Where is the added value of what you are offering? What are the real benefits that I would obtain by hiring your service? Think about all this because you have to transmit it so that someone does not see the service as something they can do for themselves.
  3. Hello Ariana, What services do you offer? 🤔 EDIT: Oh ok! I understood that you had your GIGs promoted in Facebook and Instagram campaigns but I just saw that this is the service that you offer.
  4. I will only add one thing to what was previously said by the companions of the forum. Do not try to imitate others, you have to have your own style. Create a message that connects with you and with what the client requires but that is something personal. There are no formulas here, some will like you and others will not, some will value your skills more, others will value prices more, etc. Just be yourself.
  5. Yes, my situation is that that account was very old and I could no longer access because my mobile had been stolen years ago but what I was trying to tell you is that despite there being nothing strange they informed me that they could not close the accounts, that only the user could do it. In other words, if they don't do it out of silly things, imagine if it's something serious. Also, that they close your ticket without answering is not a good sign, they have always been very kind to me in the support, they have never done something like that to me. Surely he must have done something serious.
  6. Surely something of this happens that you say but it is not understood what he really wants to do. But Fiverr will not close his account unless for a valid reason and he will have to close it.
  7. I'll tell you something that support told me when I had to close an old account of mine that I could no longer access because I didn't have a mobile phone. They told me that they cannot close the accounts, this must be done by the user. But since I couldn't enter because it asked me for the code of a cell phone that I no longer had, they gave me a link to my email so that I could change the password. And only then could I enter and close it. Obviously before sending me the link they asked me 550 questions LOL
  8. Ask support to modify and update your personal information. This is specified in Fiverr's privacy policies. I really don't know if it could get you in trouble but it's better to be safe.
  9. Thank you very much David for your words! Yes, I just wanted to share the work with all the users of the forum, and that they tell me what they think. It would be a good idea if others were encouraged to do it too, at least those who work in the graphic part.
  10. You can change the title but the URL will never update, I did it months ago and this has remained the same.
  11. Perfect, until then I take it as valid. They are not obliged and do not usually do so, but that is not a reason to limit each particular case. This is where I was aiming! I wanted us to reach that agreement. Usually they don't, they don't have to, but they could.
  12. That is not what it says in their policies (read) and I also mentioned a particular situation for which they would have the obligation to change the username. I am answering you because you mentioned that you were one of the oldest in the forum and you spoke from knowledge and logic. Well, it seems that as I mentioned above the age in the forum does not enable you to be the owner of the absolute truth. Read the policies, it says it clearly there and even worse is because of the particular situation that I mentioned as a possibility for you to ask for the change. If you tell me that from the Fiverr support they ever told you that under no point of view they could change the username, whatever the situation is OK but they would still be violating their own privacy policies but you did not even tell me that Did you ever ask them, and you only answered me with total arrogance that you were one of the oldest in the forum (As if this gave you the authority of the absolute truth) PS: I am trying to argue because it is the purpose of a discussion forum
  13. There is no way they can control a harassing user because they can use different IPs, devices, etc etc and Fiverr must guarantee my safety as a user or be responsible for the consequences that this may generate. As a victim of a situation of harassment, I do not have to abandon my evolution on the platform. I assure you that in that case they have the obligation to change your username because otherwise they would not be guaranteeing your security on the platform and I could sue them for this. This says in their privacy policies: Updating Personal Information We take steps to ensure that the personal information we collect is accurate and up to date, and we provide you with the opportunity to update your information through your account profile settings. In the event that you believe your information is in any way incorrect or inaccurate, please let us know immediately. We will make sure we investigate the matter and correct any inaccuracies as quickly as possible where necessary or give you ways to update it quickly or to delete it - unless we have to keep that information for legitimate business or legal purposes. When updating your personal information, we will ask you to verify your identity before we can act on your request. If for any reason you have a problem with deleting your personal information, please contact Fiverr's Customer Support and we will make reasonable efforts to delete any such information pursuant to any applicable privacy laws.
  14. I will put a hypothetical situation in front of you: I tell the support that I am suffering harassment from a user, that although I block it he insistently creates new accounts and does not stop bothering me, that I need to change my username so that this person cannot find me more and don't keep bothering me with your messages. Do you think they won't change my name? Sometimes it is not necessary to be so closed with the answers because there may be particular situations that do allow the change of the name.
  15. Okay, I am going to assume that your answer means that you have ever asked or know someone who has, because the fact of mentioning the seniority in the forum for me is not a determining factor of knowledge or understanding about the functions that can or not perform the support center. I asked a simple question and only a direct answer was enough like "Yes, I asked" OR "I know someone who asked"
  16. Did you ever ask support or is it just something you assume? It would be nice if they add that option to be able to change it manually. I don't think there is anything harmful to change the username.
  17. Your account is not blocked but is being reviewed, it clearly says in the title. Fiverr robots detect duplicate photos. If you use a profile photo that has already been used, it will be rejected and if you use an image that is in Google search engines or on the Fiverr platform, the same thing will happen. Possibly when using a Canva miniature someone has something very similar predesigned and the robot has detected a lot of similarity.
  18. I am not being aggressive with you and you are not correcting anything that I have mentioned to you with that article. If for you being aggressive is not giving you the reason because you do not have it then yes, I must be the most aggressive people on the planet. I will never give my arm to twist in something that I know in depth. I explained to you that in my compositions I use images with a Creative Commons license, how many times do I have to repeat it to you? And on the other hand there are compositions and compositions. Putting a complete photograph in the background and an image in front is a simple composition but it does not stop using a complete photograph who has a creator. I make complex compositions of which there are no traces of a single original landscape image because it is a newly created landscape. Anyway, I will use a full background landscape image. The images I use are registered under the creative commons license without attribution. You did not insist on the same thing because in the graphic design career everything related to licenses is studied and I know exactly what I do. I appreciate your advice because I know you do it with good intentions but paranoia is unnecessary.
  19. I like when someone mentions valid details because it helps me. I did not take into account the size of the trunk in relation to the height of the trees and it was an excellent observation on your part. The ideal would have been to put a wider trunk to justify a certain height of the trees.
  20. Thank you! Now that you mention it that could be a valid criticism if we look at the size of the trunk that the trees have. It was a very good observation!
  21. Thank you very much Matt! The file types delivered depend on the platform. Por example, Amazon for physical books requires that the uploaded files be in PDF format, for Ebook JPG. And there is always the option to deliver editable files, in my case I use PSDs because I work only with photographs for the design of the covers but if you work with vectors you can deliver the AI in case you use Illustrator or SVG, EPS.
  22. You make me laugh! I doubt very much that the image will be preserved when half the sky, the grass, the stars, the UFO, the trees are all mergers between images. The sky is composed of two different types of skies, the grass corresponds to another scene, the trees to another, the tones of the entire image have been altered, etc. etc. Do I have to explain to you what a composition is? You will never find the duplicate scene. If you do not know about licenses and compositions, reserve your opinions because you are clearly talking about incongruities about topics in which you have no idea. I'm going to exemplify it to see if you understand it like that. If you create a collage with pieces of magazines that already exist, you are creating a unique work that you can now register as your own because it is of your creation. Images with a Creative Commons License cannot be registered with Copyright because they already have a license assigned so that no one can claim commercial rights to the image, therefore not only are you not committing any fault because you use royalty-free images but also when creating one composition you can register the final work with copyright. In fact my final works are protected.
  23. Thanks for your advice but that's not how it works! There are two Creative Commons licenses for the public domain, that is, so that the works can be redistributed and manipulated completely freely and without restrictions, whether commercially or not commercially. They are specialized image banks for these topics. They carry the creative commons license without attribution. They are photographs uploaded by the same authors who grant the permission of free use. Anyway, I must mention that when you make a photographic composition the original image no longer exists because you create a new scene yourself with part of others 😉
  24. Nooo! I use creative commons license images for each image. There are many image Internet sites that are licensed for free use that are not copyrighted.
  25. HI, Welcome to the community. I hope you feel comfortable and if you have questions you can ask, here we are many users who are willing to help. Good wishes to you! 😉
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