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  1. HI, You have to submit a ticket to the support center and tell them about this.
  2. But you must be prepared to offer the quality of the service regardless of the account you are in.
  3. Congratulations on the achievement! very good statistics you have.
  4. Hello, Can you explain in more detail what happens to you? Because I can't quite understand.
  5. I see! I think I owe you an apology because I did not understand what you meant and I made an incorrect interpretation of your message. In that case, being included in the TOS if they would be violating their own rules when they give you the option of a portfolio. In my country, moral rights cannot be assigned, sold or transferred in their entirety independently of the licenses.
  6. Hmm, in my country, for example, moral rights, unlike property rights, cannot be assigned or prescribed, but we should see what the US law says about this because Fiverr is a company based there.
  7. I'll call you whatever I want as long as I'm not insulting you, do you understand? Is it forbidden to say "dear" or "partner" somewhere? The only thing missing is that you give me directives of what I should call you. That you do not understand the differences of the TOS does not mean that they do not exist.
  8. Dear partner, You are confusing the "commercial" rights of a work with intellectual property. It is not an insult to tell you that you should read the TOS because you clearly do not understand the difference between intellectual property and commercial rights.
  9. You must understand that even if it was your first offense what you did, Fiverr considers it serious because you are making the platform lose money with that action even though they are the ones who provide you with customer contact. Hopefully you will recover your account but it will be complicated, they will make it difficult for you.
  10. No, you are confusing because if you had read the Fiverr TOS you would not be proposing this type of special licenses because you would know that Fiverr does not interfere with special licenses.
  11. And it is thus, it has all the commercial rights but not of adjudication of the work. When you present a work in your portfolio you are not profiting economically with its distribution, you are only showing your work because the commercial license does not mean awarding the creation to the buyer. Those types of licenses that you are mentioning are special licenses and it is also something that must be agreed and clarified. Fiverr covers business licenses, not those kinds of special licenses.
  12. You are confusing things. It is a work of your creation and that is why you can show it in your portfolio but you gave the commercial rights to the client. Assigning the commercial rights does not mean that you are recognizing the client as the creator of that work, you are only assigning the rights so that they can commercialize it. If you want to sell the same work to other people you have to clarify that it is a non-exclusive commercial license agreement, otherwise it should be. This is already covered by Fiverr and if you do not want to grant an exclusive commercial license you just have to clarify it in the description of the GIG.
  13. I think this is very relative. If you offer multimedia services the best option would be a video presentation, if you offer graphic design services the best option would be a graphic presentation. But as I told you before, it is something that everyone must decide according to their technical skills and what you feel most comfortable with.
  14. I think the problem was that he asked you for a very simple modification and he told you that he needed that in 5 minutes and you answered him repeatedly if that was the last modification even though it was obvious that he needed it quickly. One thing is for someone to ask you to redesign something but if they only ask you to modify a text I do it for free even after the sale has been completed, I think it did not cost you anything to do it and if they kept asking to change the good text, there I would have told him.
  15. In my opinion, Fiverr should fail in your favor because of what you say, more if he has expressed that he likes the work delivered for which he paid. From what you say, it is a clear abused by the buyer, but make sure to provide Fiverr with all messages that show this.
  16. Did you deliver the job? That depends on the value you place on your work. And if I were in your place and delivered the work and complied with everything agreed, I would defend it because the time invested in a project will not be returned to you by anyone. In a dispute it is Fiverr who decides what will happen but you must make sure to provide detailed information about the process so that they can see that there is no mistake on your part but that the buyer is abusive. I have not had experience with disputes at the moment, maybe you should wait for the response of someone with more experience, who has already gone through a similar situation but that is what I would do.
  17. You have to stand firm in your position and explain to him that you fulfilled the agreement in the project and if he needs any additional work, he must pay the difference for the new service. If he does not understand that, let the dispute take its course, in the end it will be Fiverr who will decide on the issue but I made sure to provide as much information as possible so that it is in your favor.
  18. We are in an age where people seem made of glass. It didn't really seem serious to me. You also apologized.
  19. Hi! How are you? I hope you are well! First of all, thank you very much for your interest. I tried to send you the link of the portfolio by private message but you have disabled the option to receive messages, can it be? Regards! 😊
  20. I just commented on a publication where the user put another kind of much more relevant information and it was not more of the same. These tips were really valid to progress on the platform!
  21. Congratulations! You are one of the first in a long time that I read to put advice without repeating like parrots and they are valid, they really are good.
  22. Hey stop, I can not say that I am amused by all your comments 😅🤣😂
  23. Explain to him that you complied with the order, tell him that if he needs new reviews or new videos, he must pay the difference for the service or he can choose another seller but he cannot cancel a job that has already been delivered as agreed. You must stand firm in these cases!
  24. Keep in mind that there are people from all countries and continents here, any time is a good time.
  25. Perfect, then you must be patient! 👍
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