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  1. Yes, it is understandable because surely they want to filter the requests as much as possible. I plan to apply but my certificates are in the Spanish language and I really don't know if it will be valid.
  2. The Fiverr Pro are verified professionals in different areas. If you have a portfolio of work, and certification of your studies, you can submit an application from the form to become one, although I must warn you that it may take a long time to accept it.
  3. This answer was great! You made me laugh a lot. Thanks! 👏 🤣
  4. Several options will appear to report it, not only by SPAM, choose the one that best suits the situation.
  5. I have seen that he has initiated the topic but I did not know what to answer him but he did initiate it
  6. HI Mari, Yes, I have also read it but I do not remember exactly the exact words.
  7. If you click on the button, verify that the URL corresponds to Fiverr, that it does not have any alteration and the security certificate. In my case I have not received the email but it is normal that they send them in different stages and they do not always send them to all.
  8. Not necessarily, some sellers don't have jobs outside of Fiverr. I guess I'm lucky then. No one ever hid my samples and that I have as a client a well-known politician from the USA. I also like to show my work in a separate portfolio because Fiverr tends to deform the images and enlarge them when you see them from the thumbnails.
  9. It is true what you say but it does not apply in the case of FIVERR PROs or TOP RATED SELLERS because they have an independent portfolio option. In addition, all of us who work with multimedia and / or graphic design have a portfolio of independent works. In any case, for a client to prevent someone from showing their work is something really unusual, there must be very few people who want to request that.
  10. Yes I know! Pay attention to that because it is not a good indicator. It does not seem to be very normal that out of 25 orders completed 9 have not qualified.
  11. If we knew the formula we would all be on the first page, which would be impossible because I think we would not enter.
  12. We have repeatedly discussed this recommendation and concluded that this has no impact on the success you may have or the orders you may receive.
  13. Don't worry, it happened to me too, last month it was practically a loss because I only received some sales from the clients I already had but this month the impressions and Clicks have increased. The difference is that last month out of nowhere I was in a bad location and this month also out of nowhere I am in a good position. There was nothing that determined my position before and now, because I have always had an almost instantaneous response to messages and the same 5-star grade point average. Nothing has changed to determine different positions but I was at one extreme and now at another because the ads rotate automatically. And it has happened to me like you to feel disconnected and made changes constantly but I have learned to be patient. I'll just tell you that every new opportunity you have, make the most of it.
  14. Congratulations on the achievement! I hope you have more qualifications like that. 😉
  15. Don't worry, I understood what you meant but keep applying my comment because the thumbnail cannot determine the impression rate as opposed to the click rate.
  16. I will share something with you from my experience. I was a salesperson who received the label of "Rising Talent" when I started, but according to what the support told me this is not assigned manually. The label lasted for the first 15 sales and helps lift you off the start line but is temporary and will not determine success. I have seen many people spoil that possibility. You have already passed to a second stage because you are a level 1 seller, now you just have to be patient because you can go 1 week without receiving orders and in another week receive 7 because the ads are constantly rotating.
  17. HI, Thank you very much for sharing! I do not agree with what I have quoted: High impressions can never be the reason for having an attractive image in GIG because they are the times that the ad is shown. In any case, thumbnails may be the reason for a high GIG click-through rate but not impressions. Regards!
  18. The thumbnails of the GIG will not determine the impressions you may have, but they will determine the clicks. If you have low impressions the problem is not the thumbnails but if you have many impressions but very few clicks then that could be a reason why potential customers do not click on the ad, the image may not be striking enough. In your case you mentioned the impressions and that is something that you cannot control because the algorithm of Fiverr is quite mysterious.
  19. HI, There is no magic formula to get orders, if that were the case, we would all be just as rich 😅 If you search the forum you will find that this question was asked by many users and you will find the answers. Regards!
  20. HI, You have to submit a ticket to the support center and tell them about this.
  21. But you must be prepared to offer the quality of the service regardless of the account you are in.
  22. Congratulations on the achievement! very good statistics you have.
  23. Hello, Can you explain in more detail what happens to you? Because I can't quite understand.
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