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  1. Have you had a long time in offline mode?
  2. Hello, I need to ask you a question. Today I activated the "vacation mode" but I had to do it because I felt very sick and also had a serious family problem, logically I was not going to be able to answer or accept a request so I activated this mode but now I am calmer and I feel better and I deactivated it and I do not appear in the searches, nor the category Does anyone know if this takes time to update?
  3. I had that tag! Just 1 month after creating it I got a message saying that my GIG had been selected by the Fiverr team of editors and has a limited duration. But the other day we shared experiences with a colleague from here who also obtained it and the support said different things to both of us so now I don't know if the tag is assigned manually or automatically.
  4. It is that if he sent me a message I would have set the price as it was so that he could buy it because I thought he did not want it, he was a strange boy, but he did not send me a message asking me anything and he only told me that outrage and really his rudeness annoyed me and I decided not to sell anything to him finally. At all times, I was kind to help him because he said he was not enough for the second package. And I offered to do it without charge. - Are you really going to do it? - Why would you do it? - No, better not, it will be for problems. He had me like this for 40 minutes until I told him that I needed to sleep that he would please decide if he wanted it or not and he told me again: "Better leave it, it will be for problems" and I understood that he was referring to the whole design but apparently he only referred to the back cover.
  5. I had an experience with a buyer who showed that he was a boy. He liked the design I showed him and he told me that he could only pay for the first package and I told him that I would add the back cover of the book and not charge him. He kept going around and I told him to pass me the data to add the texts to the back cover and he said "Really?" And a few seconds later "better leave it like that if it's going to be a problem" so I told him to please make up his mind because I was sleepy and needed to sleep. I asked him if he would want me to do the back cover or not and he answered me the same thing again (I never said anything to make him think it was going to be a problem, I kindly offered to do the back cover for him at no cost because I had empathy) I thought that he no longer wanted the cover and I went to sleep. The next day I decided to raise the price of my GIG by USD 5 and he sent me a message saying "I can't believe you have raised the price of the package, you are sick" If he had sent me a message I would have set the price as it was so that he could buy it but the lack of respect is something that I do not tolerate. I reported it for disrespecting me and I told him that I had reported it and that I wasn't going to sell him anything even if he wanted to. His account is still active.
  6. I don't really know but I don't think anything will happen related to closing his account because he is a buyer but maybe they will give him a warning for disrespect but I'm not sure how Fiverr works in these particular circumstances.
  7. Wow! I guess it must have taken you a while to get the job done! Congratulations! 👏
  8. Use it to get that "salesman" expelled from the great Fiverr family! And if you made the payment through Paypal, you can explain the situation to them. Many years ago someone tried to scam me with a wallet exchange and lost their account and they refunded my money. If this was by direct transfer it will be almost impossible.
  9. In fact he should not be using in the forum a photograph that corresponds to another female person because that is identity theft.
  10. You mean when the buyer hasn't completed the order for 3 days? This should automatically be marked as complete once the time limit is reached but if this has not happened you should contact the support center by submitting a ticket. If this is your problem I hope I have been able to help you. Greetings!
  11. HI, What do you mean exactly? Can you be more specific to help you? 🤔
  12. Don't limit yourself! There are many things that require practice. In graphic design, technical knowledge is not enough, every day is a challenge and an opportunity to improve. I am sure that if you keep trying you will achieve your creations better but it is true that we all have different inclinations of skills and that is something nice, otherwise life would be boring and no one would need the help of others hehe
  13. Thank you very much for your words! 😊 I'm sorry you had such a bad experience. Yes, indeed the cover of a book will be the first step in the reader's decision to buy the book and it is important to be able to convey the message of the content and make it pleasing to the eye. Regards!
  14. These things really sadden me and somehow makes us lose credibility to all salespeople, most of whom are honest and hard-working. Unfortunately, you ran into a scammer and the least you can do is report him on Fiverr so that he is expelled from here and stops dirtying the good name of the vast majority of sellers that exist on the platform. I assume you have the screenshots of the conversation. That will be enough to show that he accepted a payment without using Fiverr as an intermediary. I'm really really sorry!
  15. You can inform the seller because he has violated the TOS by accepting orders outside the platform but unfortunately your purchase does not have protection from the Fiverr platform because you have made it outside.
  16. If you want your criticism to be taken seriously and you are going to call yourself a "designer" make sure you pass the photoshop skills test first because it ends up being funny. I am usually very humble with my work but with you I will make an exception because you have bad intentions and it is evident that you are just a newbie with designer delusions 😏 I will no longer waste time talking to you. Good luck!
  17. I am not the one to answer this question because I am not a moderator of the forum but it is forbidden to use categories incorrectly and the situation worsens when you are notified. This is a violation of the forum and you can leave it in the wrong category if you want, but it is likely that doing so will end up receiving a penalty from the moderators.
  18. Harm will not cause but it is prohibited by the forum rules.
  19. It is not necessary to put a URL to ask for advice. To promote your GIG there is a category created for this and it is the one I mentioned above.
  20. Please use the correct category to promote your GIG or you may be penalized: "My Fiverr GIG"
  21. If you put the URL to your GIG you must put the thread in the correct category: "My Fiverr GIG"
  22. Congratulations! I wish you the best of luck in the next sales.
  23. Personally, it took me 20 days to get my first order, but this varies depending on the niche you choose. There are people who report having received orders from the first days and others who have not received orders in months. How long it takes to make your first sale will depend on several factors. You can apply for jobs in the "buyer requerest" section. From time to time publications appear where you can apply. The amount of requirements that buyers can present will also depend on the niche to which your GIG belongs.
  24. No, this should not exist because it is unnecessary and in fact it is forbidden to use tools like that to get shortcuts. Most likely, at some point they end up sanctioning you if you do that.
  25. I have noticed that the waiting time after delivering the work keeps moving and does not stop but I think this is not a bug, they are aware of the operation although clearly they should correct the operation and stop the clock each time the work is delivered.
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