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  1. Try to apply some SEO in your GIGs to get better positioning in your category (s). Check your daily impressions and the clicks you receive. All this will allow you to have a clearer picture of where you are failing. Maybe the image doesn't attract attention, or maybe the ad doesn't have much reach.
  2. Any place except my country, I do not recommend it! The country is beautiful but there is a lot of insecurity here and everything is very poorly organized lol
  3. It is possible but many times it is difficult. It will depend on the niche you choose, how you present your GIG, how many GIG you create, if the demand for what you offer is high. And finally you will need some luck, after having the first sale it will not be so difficult to increase your sales.
  4. I think the impression rate is really low for a paid service. In 12 days I have had only 233 impressions and 11 clicks, even putting a value much higher than recommended. I think that Fiverr should adjust some things about this new option.
  5. Hello, Muhammad welcome to the community 😃👍
  6. Congratulations. Great 😃
  7. Hello, I just reviewed your profile and I think you should work better on your presentation images but do not lose sight that you will surely have new sales. 👍
  8. Welcome to the Fiverr community! 😃
  9. You must place your concert in the appropriate category. Note that Fiverr asks for skills for certain categories.
  10. I totally agree with everything you mention! 👌
  11. Clear the cache and cookies. Another possibility is that he has blocked you
  12. Yes! I am fairly new and had 20 orders in 1 month and this week I only had orders from previous clients but none new.
  13. Hello Manabendra7, I think you should contact support because it seems to be a technical problem!
  14. I understand that Fiverr does not allow you to have two accounts. I recommend you delete one of the two because there have been cases of people who were banned from the platform for having two accounts. If you have ratings on an account I don’t think it’s a good idea to start over because one of the hardest things on this platform is starting from zero. It’s my humble opinion.
  15. I had 20 sales in a month when my gig was chosen to carry the label “rising talent” and now the statistics have dropped terribly, hardly anyone finds me despite having implemented SEO. Thank you very much for the information!
  16. Hi Osmigo! Welcome to fiverr. It takes a few days for a newly created gig to appear in the searches.
  17. Interesting, thank you very much. That thing about the reviews I had already been applying because I thought exactly the same thing.
  18. Hi! Yes, it exists. You have the option at the bottom of the page in the help section.
  19. You can see in the “buyer requests” section. Job applications are published every moment, you can apply and if you are chosen you will have the possibility to demonstrate your skills but I must warn you that it is very difficult because there is a lot of competition in those applications, around 200.
  20. Welcome to Fiverr, I’m pretty new too
  21. Yes, the gig looks correct! 🙂
  22. Hello everybody! I create this thread to tell you that despite being a relatively new user, Fiverr has given me the possibility of having several sales already, I suppose I was lucky but so far my experience is very satisfactory, both with the support and with the clients. I think this platform is a great opportunity for clients and service sellers. Right now my gigs are a bit hidden in the searches and that is making me lose job opportunities but I will work hard to reach my goals. Greetings! 🙂
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