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  1. HI Vicky how are you? 😊

    1. vickiespencer


      I am sleepy. Muscle spasm in my calf woke me up and I could not go back to sleep until it eases. So I am here. But soon I will be back in bed. Did the gig_freak get back to you? 

    2. maezma85


      Yes, he sent me a private message! Ohh I'm sorry, I woke up too and couldn't go back to sleep but now I'll try, I just wanted to say hi to you.

    3. vickiespencer


      I am off to get another hour of sleep too. 

  2.  HI! I just stopped by to greet you and tell you that you are very beautiful 😊 But I'll tell you in secret because in public I'm shy 🤣

    1. maezma85


      Well it shouldn't be public but since you don't get private messages I had no choice lol lol. Sleep is getting to me, I'm already laughing at anything 🤣😅

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