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  1. You have nothing to worry about, that same question I had and I consulted the support on one occasion and they replied that it was something that was not an error but something that they programmed like this in that section but your tips are ready to be charged anyway .
  2. Dear friend please use the buttons provided by the forum to thank the compliments because otherwise you are visually overloading the thread without any meaning. The programmers were burned by creating these functions to be used for that purpose and precisely to avoid what you are doing.
  3. Hi everyone! So long. Today a client wanted to put me a review and the button to publish it was not available, she sent me a screenshot. I already contacted support for this issue, does it happen to someone else?
  4. "I have a series of books to make the cover" -says in the buyer request- Budget $ 150. How can I do this job if I don't know how many books this person needs? Well, for that I need you to contact me if he or she wants me to do the job because I need that additional information. And logically the only way is to send me a private message. This is what I meant by submitting the profile link. And if you think that everyone knows how to click a photo to go to a profile, you are wrong because there are many people who need detailed instructions to navigate the platforms. There are even many who cannot find the files they have to download when one delivers them.
  5. I fully agree with what you mention Mike 😉
  6. I did not mention the GIG, but the profile. Many buyers post descriptions with little information and there are times when it is necessary to clarify certain things to apply to certain jobs.
  7. Congratulations! Best wishes for you to continue with such good statistics
  8. I think you should take a look at newsmike gigs, I really saw his work and found it very good!
  9. I have personally applied to some interesting buyer application jobs but there were too many proposals and no luck. I suppose sending the link to your profile to talk about the project in greater detail is a good option.
  10. It is a very interesting topic that you just raised here. I think the cancellation fee should only apply when the problem is with the seller. Many times it happens that buyers do not even read the description of the ad in detail and then request things that they did not buy and you have two options: Give away work or cancel the order. Either way, the seller always ends up hurt.
  11. Congratulations! The maximum I have received as a tip was 25 dollars, but of 32 sales I have received tips 20 times and the feeling of recognition is very nice.
  12. Congratulations! Keep it up and you will surely achieve more good things.
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