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    To cancel your order and request for your funds to be returned: 
    1. Go to your Order page and click on the order you would like to cancel. 2. Within the order itself, you will see a small blue box on the top right, beneath the Order Details, that will direct you to the Resolution Center. Click on the blue Resolution Center link.  3. On the next page, select Ask The Seller To Cancel This Order.  Be sure to choose one of the reasons from the list, and click Continue.
    4. After selecting the reason for the cancelation, you also have the option to explain why you have chosen to submit the request. We encourage you to include as much detail as possible and to always remain professional. Once complete, click Send.
    5. Your cancelation request, and the reasons for the request, will be submitted and sent to your seller. Your seller will have 48 hours to accept or decline the request and if the seller fails to accept or decline the request, the order will be automatically canceled after two days. You can view your open dispute within the order page, alongside the option to withdraw it. 
    Note: All disputes submitted through the Resolution Center are sent to the other party within the order page (the seller). Disputes are not sent to Customer Support and our agents are not notified of the dispute.  My order is already complete, and I have no access to the Resolution Center
    If your order is already marked as complete, you won't have access to the Resolution Center. In this case, please discuss the cancellation and refund request with your seller before approaching Customer Support. Once an agreement has been reached, reach out to our Support Team to cancel the order. 
    Always try and reach an agreement with the other party prior to reaching out to Customer Support.  As per our Terms of Service, orders may only be canceled within 14 days of the order being marked as complete. Orders that were complete for longer than that may not be eligible to be cancelled.  Any cancellation requests sent to Customer Support must include sufficient evidence of work not delivered.  Please be sure to review our Order Cancellation Policy.  
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