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  1. hello dear, how are you? I didn't get your point let me know
  2. Hey, what's up, Can any one tell me about my gigs impression why it has been stop?
  3. why is gigs stopped impressions and clicks? please any one can help me.
  4. congratulation to you wish you good seller in your future
  5. Yes I am agreed with you not 100% if some need like logo so they can do it by self but why they come to Fiverr instead of doing by self. The reason is time and long proposal will destroy there time. that's why I am agree with you
  6. Means come on topic But I have question for you? How many long proposal we can write?
  7. Yes i have got Five order. I am not sure about this. I am not saying that you can get 100% everyone have there way to like or unlike. I like this but I don't know about the client they will like or not. Some of client like to see big proposal and some of them like short way I think we can not say if you do something else you will get order.
  8. Thank you always welcome
  9. If I sure so I will not post here. I have only got 5 order. I am here to get some good idea for future Business
  10. Me Hello There, How are you? I have seen and understood your request and I am able to do your project. ( This section I am talking about client need) If you are interested to give me your project. Don't hesitate to message me before placing your order. I am here to help you. Thank you Waiting for your response. Please if you have any suggestion for me. Please let me know
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